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Internet Business Acquisition Attorney -- Los Angeles


Whether you are looking to sell your Internet business or purchase an Internet company, Wex Law has the business and legal experience to put that deal together for you.  So that there are no surprises involved in the acquisition or sale of an Internet business an attorney at Wex Law can assist in addressing and resolving the issues involved in an Internet business such as a due diligence of the assets to be transferred, typical representations and warranties regarding the seller's intellectual property rights and changing of the domain name.  


Internet Business Assets


The assets of an Internet business are divided into several categories, including contract rights, bandwidth, servers and other physical equipment, software, intellectual property rights, customer lists, stored data, domain names, patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.  


Preliminary Issues


The parties should consider many aspects of the company before entering into negotiations for acquisition.  A Wex Law attorney will assist in reviewing the convenants and assignments clauses in the seller's loan documents, lease agreements, and any other related guarantees to identify what restrictions exist on a sale.  In addition, a Wex Law attorney will assist in the review of all licenses and contracts to determine whether they are assignable.  Further, Wex Law will assist in identifying any privacy issues concerning stored data.  Furthermore, many Internet businesses depend on the stability of their source code, so the attorneys at Wex Law will analyze the risks to determine whether or not there should be a source code escrow.  Moreover, the attorneys at Wex Law will assist with any confidentiality agreements with the parties.  


Whether it's an asset or equity deal, an attorney at Wex Law will prepare the legal documents to protect you and to negotiate terms favorable to you.