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Our president is an honors student in business economics with 20 years of Fortune 500 experience including Rand Corporation, Paramount Studios, Nestle's,  XEROX and Verizon.  Wex Law handles many types of legal issues for small to medium size businesses.  


Many businesses face external issues with competitors from unlawful business restraints to unfair business practices to false advertising to bad online reviews by competitors trying to drive the business out of the market place.  Wex Law protects businesses from such unlawful conduct.


A business may wish to join together with another business that has a complementary good in a joint venture.  Or a manufacturer may wish to create a joint venture with a marketing firm to grab a greater share of the market.  Wex Law can offer their expertise in such matters through joint venture agreements and/or strategic alliances.


If you have legal needs, but a small budget, then don't worry.  Wex Law can address your legal needs, consult on your business deals, or contract negotiations.  We are flexible enough to handle your needs on an individual basis or with our shared general counsel program in which for a small monthly fee our firm is available to service your legal needs as your matters arise.  



Wins unanimously in less than 40 minutes of deliberation


International case was  impossible and Michael came to the rescue.


Michael Devereux has a good heart and knows how to treat people

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Michael Sean Devereux

“ Exceeded my expectations...I am extremely pleased by Mr. Devereux's work, professionalism, and devotion to his clients..”

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How We Are Different

Principles & Values


All law firms seek to serve clients effectivel. Some do it more consistantly than others. We have over a 99% rate for client satisfaction.  We are noted for blazing the trail in business law matters but blazing the trail in for superior client satisfaction is what we strive for.  We are focused on serving our client's needs and not in the financial metrics that are common today in other firms.

3.  We're fighters. Michael was born on the west side of Chicago and raised on the south side.  

1.  Our firm is results oriented toward our client's goals, not on our term financial metrics like many other firms.

2.  Our attention to detail is unsurpassed.