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Los Angeles Internet Defamation Lawyers

The anonymity of the Internet generates a haven for defamatory content and their authors who perpetrate their deception by disappearing into cyber space, often disguising themselves with stolen identities or hiding behind fabricated personas. Many law enforcment agencies and many law firms are not equipped to assist those with Internet defamatory matters. Wex Law not only knows Internet law, in addition Wex Law has  a thorough understanding of the Internet, network & computer forensics.  Many have suffered anonymous attacks on their reputation from defamatory remarks posted on questionable websites like Yelp, Ripoff Report, The Dirty, etc.  At Wex Law we can help those people.  


Online Defamation Lawyer

At Wex Law, we handle several Internet defamation cases in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, Ventura County, San Diego -- throughout the state of California. Our legal team understands what you are experiencing when encountering Internet defamation. At Wex Law we are one of the few law firms that knows the Internet from a technical perspective (former Internet investigator and forensics investigator) and from the legal perspective.  Wex Law handles Internet defamation cases as experienced investigators  and trial lawyers.


Online Reputation Management: Protect Your Reputation

All too often, Web pages such as Yelp, the Rip Off Report, The Dirty, Mugshots, etc appear higher in Google search results than company websites or press releases.  Many counter measures are typically overpowered by the questionable websites, so many are overwhelmed and believe that they have no place to turn.


Protecting your reputation from requires a strong strategy.   Existing laws are typically adequate or effective in combating Internet defamation. However, pursuant to Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, ISPs are usually immuned from the postings done by others. However, we can still help you get results you are seeking.  


Several Ways to Combat Internet Defamation


There are several ways to resolve Internet defamation matters:


1) Cease and desist letter (when it includes the letter head of a law firm, the results are amazingly successful);

2) Review the website's terms of service since many websites will remove the matter if in violation of their terms of service;

3) File a restraining order (many times the restraining order will include the removal of all postings by the respondent);

4) Filing an lawsuit;

5) Requesting a meeting with prosecutors or the FBI.



Recognized for his exceptional Internet and law background Wex Law founder Michael Devereux has been interviewed in media broadcasts and articles, including, The Wall Street Journal, America Now with Leeza Gibbons & Bill Rancic, The Verdict with Paula Todd, KABC Los Angeles, KGO (San Francisco's ABC affiliate), KKSF Gil Gross Show Talk Radio 910, the e-Commerce Times, Tech News World, and e-Commerce Law & Policy. In addition, he has been a speaker on the Internet law at various forums including the Chapman School of Law Nexus Symposium.  Call today for a free consultation