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Internet / Online Dating Scams - Los Angeles


Millions of people visit Internet / online dating websites each year hoping to find a companion, close friend or romantic partner.  But scammers visit these dating websites too, or apps or social media by pretending to be potential mates.  These scammers prey on members through emotional triggers trying to turn the lonely and vulnerable into fast money through a variety of scams resulting in money, gifts or personal details.  


The anonymity of the Internet generates a haven for dating scams by fraudulent predators who perpetrate their deception by disappearing in cyber space often disguising themselves with stolen identities or hiding behind fabricated personas by creating fake profiles in the name of love to build online relationships.    The perpetrators may use a fictional name, but more likely than not take on false identitites of social status based upon honor or prestige, such as business executives, military personnel, aid workders or professionals working abroad.  


In online dating scams, after the scammers gain their victim's trust they will express strong emotions for you in a relativiely short period of time and typically request that the relationship moves away from the website to a more intimate mode of communication such as email, instant messaging or Skype.  Scammers may go to great lenghts to gain your interest and love by showering you with loving words, sharing personal information and even send gifts (although gift giving is rare, it does happen).


Scammers are willing to take months to build what you may feel like the romance of your life and may even feign travel arrangements to visit with you, but never actually show up.   Once they gain your confidence, they will typically tell you of a business deal in which a third person is sponsoring or of an investment in which only a person of their status would know about.  


If the dating scam is an investment, then they sound like that they are going out of their way to let you in, but they think that somehow they can get you involved in the "great opportunity" of your lifetime.  Typically it is a gold investment, but can be other precious metals.  The first request is typically at the five figure level and then subsequent requests can put one in the six-figure category in a short period of time.  


If the dating scam is a business deal, then they may claim a temporary financial hardship due to unfortunate, but brief, circumstances that would be long term enough to kill the deal, but promise repayment in the short-term. The first request of money is typically at the five figure level.  Then there will be additional requests because of other unfortunate circumstances.  


Then there are other scams.  Be leery of the person who likes to travel because those travel plans typically involve money laundering.  The perpetrator is less noticeable with a female travel companion then if he were to travel alone.    


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