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Hiring a law firm as its Outside General Counsel on retainer provides the same benefits as hiring an employee, with lower expenses. The lower cost comes from a combination of “sharing” one’s general counsel with other companies and providing the services at fixed monthly fees or preferred hourly rates with a retainer.


This model allows a business to tap an entire firm, rather than a single inside counsel, as its legal staff, without worry about the hourly fees clock. In these engagements, consumption of services and service level increase, while risks and liabilities decrease — and CEO’s sleep better.


This solution is a scalable retainer and usually involves some portion of the work to be performed at the client’s offices to ensure a connection to the business.


Many businesses realize the same results by hiring a part-time or outside general counsel, who is usually a senior in-house lawyer who provides services like an Outside General Counsel but does so, usually, on a part-time or temporary basis at a client’s site.


If the Outside General Counsel needs support for items such as litigation, he would manage outside counsel just the way that a full-time general counsel would. The “outside" status makes finding a General Counsel simpler and faster, and without the obligations of hiring a permanent employee.