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Michael Cernyar frequently appears as a television guest commentator national television for his computer/legal expertise. He has appeared on The Verdict with Paula Todd, along with ABC and CBS news. In addition, Mr. Cernyar has been interviewed by numerous newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal.


Michael Cernyar is a hard working individual .who as a high school sophomore would work the swing shift at a local factory on the southside of Chicago; sometimes pulling two shifts before returning to school the same morning.  


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As a high school seniorMr. Cernyar worked in a steel mill after school, putting a minimum 40 hours a week while in school and still was academically ranked in the top 10% in the country.


Michael Cernyar paid his own waytthrough Purdue University.  He attended Loyola Law School in the evening while consulting full time at Paramount Pictures to the Y2K computer conversion.  


Mr. Cernyar's computer forensice background included such clients as Microsoft, Honeywell, Shell Oil, & Mattel.